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Remove pigmented moles

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Pigment spots such as freckles, moles, age spots and birthmarks are all brownish discolourations of the skin. Although the spots are almost always harmless from a medical point of view, those people affected often find them unsightly and disturbing. We can remove your pigment spots quickly and painlessly using targeted irradiation with a laser.

Everything you need to know about
laser pigment removal

Here you will find all the important information about the permanent removal of pigmentation spots by laser in our dermatological beauty practice in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

The dark pigments are irradiated by a laser beam that has a specific wavelength so that it only unfolds its effect in the pigment. It specifically breaks the pigment into very small particles, which can then be broken down and transported by the body via the lymphatic system.

First, we take a detailed medical history and examine your skin type and the condition of the pigmented moles in order to individually determine the correct setting of the laser. After that, we irradiate the pigment spots using the laser. 

It is also important to inform us if and which medication you might have been taking before the treatment, because some medications can make the skin more sensitive to light which must be taken into account. 

One session takes about 30 minutes. The number of sessions required depends on the number of pigmented moles needing to be removed. In most cases, one session is enough, but sometimes two or three are necessary.

In our practice we work with the laser “Alma Harmony XL Pro”, one of the best medical lasers available on the market. The state-of-the-art device offers tailored treatment solutions for every skin type and patient age group thanks to the effective combination of therapies.

The Alma Harmony XL Pro is approved for 65 medical and cosmetic treatments and therefore has a wide range of applications. In addition to the removal of pigment spots, these include the removal of scars or the treatment of acne and couperose. It can also be used for skin rejuvenation and permanent hair removal.

Extensive clinical studies have proven each technique and treatment with our type of laser to be safe to conduct by a trained medical professional.

Treatment with the fractional laser is relatively painless. Nevertheless, we apply an anaesthetic cream to the affected skin areas before each session to make the treatment as comfortable as possible for you.

The treatment is gentle on the skin and leaves no scars. However, the use of the laser often causes redness, slight swelling or small scabs in the treated area, but these usually disappear after 14 days at the latest, usually even much sooner. For your comfort, we tend to apply a soothing cream after the treatment.

After only one session, the spots treated with the laser beam are usually no longer visible. However, it cannot be ruled out that new pigment spots will develop over time. This is because the older a person gets, the more likely these spots are to form on the skin.

For the first few days after the treatment, refrain from strenuous activities that make you sweat, as the sweat on the treated area may burn. 

In addition, you should protect the treated areas from sunlight with sun cream (sun protection factor 50) for the first 4 weeks after the treatment. The optimal time for laser therapy are therefore the autumn and winter months.

The price for a session starts from 250 Euros for self-payers. In some cases, the treatment costs are covered by private health insurance. Please clarify this directly with your health insurance.

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We have excellent medical training, experience at the Berlin Charité and very broad dermatological expertise. In addition, we bring a high aesthetic sense, expertise in aesthetic treatments and knowledge of current beauty trends. 

We do everything to ensure that you are satisfied with us, with the treatment and with the result.

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Do you have any further questions or are you interested in having your pigmentated spots removed by laser in our modern private practice in Berlin-Charlottenburg? Please make an appointment during our consultation hours. We look forward to being able to advise and look after you!