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Thread lifting

✔ Gentle and effective skin tightening

✔ Alternative to cosmetic surgery

✔ Long-lasting effect

With age, the skin on the face becomes saggier. Wrinkles, sagging cheeks and excess skin are the result, so that forehead and facial features begin to droop. A thread lift can restore your youthful contours. It has the effect of lifting the sagging areas of skin – without the need for surgery. The fine threads provide a lifting effect by counteracting gravity. The result looks very natural and lasts up to 2 years. Thus, thread lifting is a gentle alternative to a surgical facelift.

Everything you need to know about thread lifting

Here you will find all the important information about thread lifting in our private practice for dermatology and aesthetic medicine in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

Thread lifting is a minimally invasive lifting procedure. Specially developed threads are inserted into the subcutaneous fatty tissue through tiny punctures. The thin threads are equipped with tiny spikes and ensure that the skin and soft tissue are lifted and fixed in a position that makes your appearance more youthful. In addition, the threads promote blood circulation, activate fibroblasts and ensure new collagen is formed. This makes the skin appear firmer and more vital – and you look significantly younger! 

The absorbable threads dissolve after a few weeks and are broken down by the body, but the lifting effect lasts much longer.

Thread lifting can be used in many ways. The face, neck or even areas on the body can be treated to lift and tighten eye areas, lip wrinkles, cheeks, neck and décolleté wrinkles, for example. The appearance looks fresher as a result.

Bevor die Fäden in das Unterhautfettgewebe gelegt und verankert werden, nehmen wir eine lokale Betäubung der Eintrittsstellen vor. Nach der Behandlung wird eine kühlende Maske aufgetragen, um das Gewebe und die Haut zu beruhigen. Bei den Schmerzen kann Paracetamol, Ibuprofen oder Metamizol eingenommen werden. 

Je nach Körperareal und Größe der Stelle dauert die Behandlung ca. 30 bis 60 Minuten.  

Falls Ihnen das Ergebnis der Behandlung nicht ausreichen sollte, können jederzeit zusätzliche Fäden eingesetzt werden. Auch zusätzliche Behandlungen mit Hyaluronsäure, Botox und Dermafillern wie Radiesse sind problemlos möglich, um die Gesichtsverjüngung zu unterstützen

To not jeopardize the effect of the treatment and not to risk complications, we recommend that you follow these instructions for the first two weeks after the procedure:

  • Abstain from sports, sauna and solarium 
  • Eating liquid or soft food
  • No dental appointments
  • No facial treatment or facial massages
  • Use of a day cream with sun protection


In addition, you should sleep with your upper body elevated on your back for the first 3 nights after the procedure.


Possible side effects of the treatment are redness, swelling and small haematomas. Cool packs can effectively relieve the temporary swelling.

The cost of thread lifting in our practice is from 700 euros per treatment with threads made of polydioxanone (PDO threads) and from 1,200 euros with threads made of polylactic acid (PLA threads).

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We have excellent medical training, experience at the Berlin Charité and a very broad dermatological expertise. This enables us to diagnose skin problems or other medical problems within a short time. In addition, we have a high aesthetic sense as well as expertise in aesthetics and knowledge of current trends. We do everything to ensure that you are satisfied with the treatment. This also includes a natural appearance as a result.

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