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Paediatric dermatology

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In our paediatric dermatology consultation, we treat babies, toddlers and adolescents with skin diseases such as allergies, acne, neurodermatitis, psoriasis and warts. For the best possible treatment results, treatment is usually carried out in cooperation with a paediatrician.

Our “little patients” are especially close to our hearts. We care for each child comprehensively, lovingly and in an age-appropriate manner. From the very beginning, we attach great importance to a trusting atmosphere so that your children feel comfortable with us.

Everything important about pediatric dermatology

We diagnose and treat skin diseases of all origins. Here you will find the most important information about pediatric dermatology in our modern private practice in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

Children’s skin is particularly sensitive and vulnerable. The smaller children are, the more sensitive and permeable their skin is to harmful external influences (environmental toxins, UV radiation, etc.). In addition, skin diseases and allergies often progress differently in children than in adults. 

Many skin diseases occur more frequently in children. Special expertise and sensitivity are therefore required for the diagnosis and subsequent therapy. In our practice, we therefore focus on therapies suitable for children. Of course, we implement these therapies according to the guidelines.

As a rule, appointments can be made at short notice. We also offer appointments with short waiting times so that you and your children do not have to wait unnecessarily long in our practice.

The price for the pediatric dermatology consultation starts at 70 Euros. The further costs depend on the type and scope of the required therapy. The treatment costs are usually covered by private health insurance companies.

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We have excellent medical training, very broad dermatological expertise and many years of experience at the Berlin Charité. This enables us to diagnose skin problems or other medical problems in children and adults within a short time and then develop suitable therapies. 

At the same time, you and your child should feel completely comfortable in our practice. We do everything to ensure that you are satisfied with the treatment and the result. To this end, we treat your offspring as we ourselves would wish treatment for our children. This applies to the consultation and the therapy as well as to the interpersonal contact. Professionally and lovingly, we want to help your child to alleviate his or her suffering in the best possible way. To do this, we look at each patient not only as a medical problem, but as a whole person.

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Would you like to make use of the pediatric dermatology consultation with dermatologist Dr Magdalena Erdmann-Keding in our private practice in Berlin-Charlottenburg? Please make an appointment online. Alternatively, you are welcome to send us an email or call us.